Alicia is a popular girl at the high school

Apearence:she has two different out fits.her cheer leading out fits(just think of a standard cheer leading outfit) and her normal clothes wich are a blue and white shirt(the schools colors) and blue jeans. She is very attractive.she has brown hair and brown eyes.she is 18.She has pale skin

Personality:she is nice and uses her popularity to cause changes for the better in the school.she is tough and acts like a tomboy out side of school.she is not going to give up a fight till she wins.


Crystall:they are friends and have been since middle school

Jack:they are freinds but never have met before they joined?jack has a crush on here but he feelings don't become mutual till episode seven of season one

John:she has a crush on John wich disapears in episode six of season one