A chance meeting between two supernatural beings turns into a all out fight for the powers of the oracle.


John smith

Crystal bevmour

16 C.I.A. Agents


Narrator: it is December 21 2012 and we are in Atlanta,Georgia and we are about to witness the start of a epic story.

Man:gotta run gotta run*bumps into a woman*

Woman:hey look where you are going you know where privet drive is?

Woman:that's where I am going

Man:I will come with you.names John smith

Woman:crystal bevmour

  • an hour later*

Crystal:here we are at privet drive.why did you want to come here any way

John:oh some thing is going to happen.


  • a CIA van apears

Agent one:Hahn smith and crystal bemour y'all are under arrest

Crystal:for what

Agent one:for kill them

John:here crystal use this

  • hands crystal a gun
  • a epic battle happens and john and crystal win but crystals house is destroyed

John:sorry about your house.hey you can stay at my place

  • a hour later

John:he is my place

  • a giant twenty story mansion is seen

Crystal:this will do.

End of episode one